From Rodger

Dear Bob and Nicki,

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased and how grateful I am with Tealc.

He is the most affectionate cat I have ever owned. He loves everybody, including visitors to the house and we have to warn them about checking their cars before they leave as he likes to have a look around. He certainly makes his presence known to all.

We have nicknamed him “Supercat”, as he loves to jump at the window and hang from it to let us know he wants to come in. We open the window, while he is hanging there with his great strength and then he pulls himself in and starts to headbutt, as a special thank you, to whoever let him in.

He loves to get his chin itched and when he comes in and your sitting on the couch he will jump up on your chest and snuggle into your neck. Too bad if its been really cold outside, he’ll soon warm himself up!! He is also sure to let the whole family share his cuddles.

Thank you so much for this special snuggle cat.

Kind Regards

From Petone Veterinary Hospital

To whom it may concern,

As a vet of 20 years experience and a Burmese cat owner and breed fan; I routinely refer prospective Burmese owners to Bob and Nicki MacKenzie.

I have always been impressed with the professionalism and empathy that they show towards their cats and their cattery.

Their cats are always healthy; outgoing in nature and inherently friendly and trusting even to complete strangers!

As breeders who also show their cats competitively; Bob and Nicki have an excellent understanding of good breeding, an encyclopaedic memory for cats they have bred and an eye for sound conformation and good health.
They are also prepared to look after new owners!

They will always pass on their love of the breed; stay in touch with them and unhesitatingly look after their clients if there is a problem.

I would say that once you have had one of their cats; you will not want anything else!

Dr. Allan Probert BVSc DipVCS

From Nicky and George

Hi Bob and Nicki,

Hope you are both doing well and all the beautiful cats and kittens too. Here’s a the latest pic of Maxwell & Bonnie. We can’t imagine life without them, they are so perfect there are no words. We love them just so much and they are extremely spoilt!

Best wishes to you both,

Nicky and George

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