Brz.Dbl. Gr. Ch. Lowenheim Lilly Belle (Chocolate Russet) has been put back  to Ch. Recherche Thor of Red (Chocolate)

Ch. Lowenheim La Bella Bumble (Chocolate) and  Ch. Recherche Thor of Red (Chocolate) 1 Lilac kitten born 20/08/2020 Sold.

Ch. Lowenheim Kenzie Bernadette (LIlac)  and  Brz. Dbl. Gr. Ch. Lowenheim Nico above The Law (Seal). are expecting about 4/10/2020

We still don’t have enough litters born recently, to fill orders from people who have been on our waiting list. In the last eighteen months there has been a very huge increase in demand for kittens. Due to several older breeders retiring or passing away.

Previous litters

Below Ch. Roellen Dark an Stormy and Brz. Dbl.Gr. Ch. Lowenheim Tia Maria Bernadette.

Seven Kittens born 3rd January 2013.

Five Seal, 2 boys, 3 girls. 1 Blue girl and 1 Lilac boy. All sold.

Below, Previous litter born 20/10/2015. To Brz.Dbl.Gr.Ch Lowenheim Nico above the Law and Brz. Dbl.Gr.Ch Lowenheim Lilly Belle. Five kittens 1 Seal boy, 1 Seal Girl, 1 Chocolate boy, 1 Russet boy and 1 Russet girl. All sold.

Some of Our Best


This photo shows Tealc (Seal) lying on his back in a very trusting position sound asleep. You won’t find many cats that do this, but this is a fine example of the Burmese nature.

Tealc is a Seal Burmese he is a very affectionate and snuggle cat. He loves everybody.

He loves to snuggle in bed with his owner, right up close, sleeping with his head on the pillow and he will cuddle like this all night.



Bronze Double Grand Champion Lowenheim Nico Above the Law. Nico (Wonder Boy) is our stud cat “wonderboy”! Nico is the Father of our first Russet Molly (seen below) and our Stud Boy Bernard. (See photo top left on Home page.)

Our new Stud boy

Lowenheim Jimmy Choux

a Lilac Burmese

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Ch. Recherche Thor of Red

our Chocolate Stud Boy

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Libby La Lique

Gold Double Grand Championship status 28th April 2015

Gold Dbl Gr Ch. Recherche Libby La Ligue

Libby went from Dbl. Gr. Ch. to Silver in eight Shows in 2014.

2014 Best in Show at NZ Burmese Central, Dominion Short hair, Palmerston North, NZ Burmese Southern, Hutt Feline and Pedigree Persian Supreme.

Cat of the year 2014 and 2015 at Dominion Cat Club

Libby has been spayed and has been rehomed.

Molly Too

Gold Double Grand Premier Lowenheim Molly Too.

NZ Cat Fancy Annual Awards

2009  runner up best Companion Cat,

2010 Best Companion Cat . Attended 14 Shows. Supreme exhibit 10 times and runner up Supreme 4 times

2011 Did not compete in enough shows.

2012 8th Best Companion Cat

2013  6th, Best Companion Cat

2014 Best Companion Cat.

2015 3rd Best Companion Cat. Molly attended only 4 shows this year.

2016 2nd Best Companion Cat. Supreme exhibit 5 times from 8 shows.

2017  10th Best Companion Cat. from 2 shows

In the years 2011, 2012 and 2013 Molly was Supreme Cat in Show (1st Cat to achieve this feat) and runner up Supreme in 2009 and 2010 at the Sacred Temple Show.

Molly was the first Russet Burmese in NZ and the World, Molly loves to be shown and is a real crowd entertainer who loves the attention the crowd give her.Molly retired from the Show circuit in 2017 and is now living with our two young girls Miley and Kat.


Our first breeding Queen, The foundation member of our Cattery. Bernie became a Double Grand Champion by the time she was 14 months old. Third best Burmese kitten at 1990 Nationals Cat Show. Third best Short haired cat at the 1991 National Cat Show. – her blood line runs through the majority of our cats. Bernie was a real “Sweetie” and her wonderful temperament has been passed on to all of her offspring.

New additions to our Cattery.

First is our new Chocolate Stud Recherche Thor of Red, born February 2016.

Second is our new Russet girl Ch. Lowenheim Miley Belle born December 2016

Third is our new Lilac girl Lowenheim Kenzie Bernadette born June 2017

The four one is a Seal Russet Lowenheim Kat Winsalot born August 2018.

The fifth one is a Lilac Boy Lowenheim Jimmy Choux born march 2020

The Sixth one is a Chocolate Pluijmers Madison Margaret. born April 2020

Our Pets

Beckham, Molly and Pippi – our pets. Both Beckham and Pippi have been rehomed together.

Molly’s awards for 2010

Molly has several more Supreme Ribbons than shown here, but lack of space prevents them from all been displayed.


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